The BestSelect team has 25 years of experience as an international team. Our team works in close cooperation with manufacturers of the most advanced products in the market. We also go on trips to industrial exhibitions in Europe, Asia and USA while having discussions with scientists and technologists about the composition of products and production technologies.

At the moment, we are introducing the initial version of the BestSelect platform for the Lithuanian market. We are starting with That’so brand and will continue to grow with You.

While our Smart Mice from the BestSelect product search&research teams are running around the world searching for the best products for “Quality & Comfortable Living” & for "Life in Style”, our Senior Eagle Owls have not been running for a long time, They just Think. At the moment, Their main concern is what You need for "Quality & Comfortable Living” & for "Life in Style”. Style is a Way to Say Who You Are without having to speak. 


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